Does Burhop really exist?

This past week, I had an opportunity to visit in our Huntsville, AL office. “The Rocket City” is home to Redstone Arsenal, Cummings Research Park, NASA‘s Marshall Space Flight Center and, most importantly, Solid Edge development.  Several of my European and Asian colleagues have never been to Huntsville so we took a quick tour only to come across this office:


(Note the outdated NCAA Bracket! It’s ok Mark, I had Kansas vs. KY in my final too. Bummer)

Several people on this blog, in our customer forums and other places online have asked, “Does Burhop really exist?” “Is he only an avatar?”  I am here to tell you that indeed he does and I have proof wink


Mr. Mark R. Burhop was giving a couple of colleagues a demo on the upcoming release of Solid Edge when I stopped by. As you can see, Burhop IS INDEED, very much real. Next you are going to say, “That’s Solid Edge on his monitor!?!?” No, it’s not. It’s a pretty image of linear contact we put up to take the picture. We can’t show anything about the upcoming release….YET! (just like I can’t show Mark’s real face…YET.)

Mark, being the geeky FEA guy that he is, was excited to tell me that that Kenneth Wong’s recent article on Solid Edge with synchronous technology 2 about Sheet Metal contained a demo with meshing and solving on a sheet metal part. Kenneth notes: “With apologies to fans of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, I’m appropriating … a musical term to discuss sheet-metal modeling in Solid Edge with Synchronous Technology 2. So no shaggy-haired dudes, no amplified guitars — just a few words about bending metal in pixels.” I had not read the article but after doing so, I searched some of the back issues of CAD publications they keep in the Huntsville office, only to find an old picture of Kenneth. Admit it, you had a shaggy-do, right Kenneth? grin



Read Kenneth’s Part 1: First Encounter and Part 2: Stress Relief on Solid Edge with synchronous technology 2

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