Designed a great Product – and now?

You designed a product and it covers all the requirements which your customers requested. Now the question is: How do I get it out to the market? Means, how do I manufacture my product as fast as possible?

With this post I want to go into more details about how Tecnomatix 9 helps manufacturing companies to master the challenges I described in my previous post.

Based on the product data the manufacturing engineer defines the manufacturing processes. Today this is not a sequential workflow any more as it was in the past. Product and process design are already running in parallel; at least partially. This requires close communication between product and manufacturing engineers.

I recently had a discussion with a manufacturing engineer from an automotive supplier. He mentioned that he is sitting in the same room as the product designer. This is very helpful and enables him to clarify questions right away … if both are available at the same time and are not stuck in meetings. The discussion is more difficult if the product design is done in a different city or country than the manufacturing. Of course you could always pick up the phone and give your colleague a call. But the communication gets more complicated.

Another issue is that manufacturing engineers often do not have access to the latest product data. While the engineer I talked to was able to print out drawings from the PDM system, he does not have access to the actual 3D data to validate issues by using sections or measurements.

One approach is to use an integrated software platform which both engineers use. This enables them to access the same product and process data. By that you already increase the productivity of your planning workflow.

Tecnomatix 9 provides this integrated solution. The video highlights additional capabilities which allow manufacturing engineers to increase their planning productivity.

We realized that some of you might have problems accessing YouTube. You can watch the video on the Tecnomatix 9 page; just go to the Tecnomatix 9 Resource Center at the bottom of the page.

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