Boeing and Teamcenter Manufacturing

By Markus Erlmann

Michael J. Christian from Boeing gave a great presentation why Boeing chooses Teamcenter Manufacturing and how they are using it.

End of 2007 Boeing formed a team of end-users, IT experts and cross-functional engineers from different locations to evaluate workflows and details about Teamcenter Manufacturing. The goal was to ensure, that Boeing will be able to increase productivity in the planning process. For example, Boeing measured how long it will take for a mechanical engineer to perform certain tasks like the creation of work instructions. The results convinced the management to start immediately. The solution is now used for the A-10 project (picture courtesy of Boeing).


The issue Boeing faced was the missing link between engineering and manufacturing which leads to a lot of manual work. One example is the creation of work instructions for the mechanics on the shop floor. These were mainly created in a manual and time consuming process. In addition changes from engineering were quite difficult to incorporate in the existing work instructions.

Boeing started a pilot project which focused on EBOM – MBOM management and the creation of work instructions directly inside of Teamcenter Manufacturing.

The results show great promise. Michael mentioned during the presentation that Teamcenter Manufacturing is the keystone to bringing design and manufacturing together.

The manufacturing engineers like the tool and the mechanics on the shop floor love the outputs. Instead of drawings they now get 3D work instructions.

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