Announcing Femap Version 10.3

Today we announced that Femap 10.3, the latest version of Femap CAE software, has been released to manufacturing.

Femap 10.3 brings easier model preparation, extended analysis support, and more in-depth postprocessing functionality – find out more…

Femap automatic geometry preparation
Femap automatic geometry preparation

The highlights:

  • There’s a new automatic solid geometry preparation capability that cleans up the model and removes unnecessary detail prior to meshing

  • User interface support has been extended to cover NX Nastran aeroelastic preprocessing for statics and flutter analyses

  • A new Free Body tool extension to the Postprocessing Toolbox allows easy creation of free body diagrams and investigation of interface loads

  • NX Nastran 8 support including new plane stress/strain elements in linear solutions with 2D edge traction loading

  •  Several customer driven updates, including the ability to embed multiple solids at once, set view alignment by selected surface… and much more

You can find out more about this release in the Femap 10.3 Fact Sheet, and on the Femap 10.3 website.



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