Analyzing structures in accordance with design standards

Returning to the subject of safety for structures such as cranes, bridges and buildings (see my previous Designing for Safety blog), one of our partners Femto Engineering has created a program to help verify structures in accordance with required building and safety standards. The program is called SDC Verifier – SDC standing for Structural Design Codes – and it’s been built on top of our own Femap pre- and postprocessor CAE software using the API (Application Programming Interface). This is another great example of one of our partners adding value by enhancing the functionality of our simulation products through the API.

SDC Verifier in Femap


SDC Verifier

Working with Femap, SDC Verifier helps to build a complete set of load cases that the structure is likely to have to endure. These loads are used in the calculation of many different structural checks in accordance with design standards, after which SDC Verifier creates a full and detailed calculation report of the findings.

SDC Verifier

With the extensive structural checking that SDC Verifier performs, the likelihood of an accident through design oversight becomes greatly reduced, making the world a safer place. If you wish to find out more about this, go to Femto Engineering’s SDC Verifier web site.


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