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Crush your digitalization challenges with low-code solutions

Digital transformation, a necessary burden To meet the needs of customers and stay competitive, companies need to take advantage of…

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Strategic benefits of low-code applications in retail

The COVID-19 crisis drastically changed the operational demands for retailers—from supply chain disruptions, to labor shortages, to ever-changing customer needs…

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Look to the future at Mendix World 2021

Mendix World 2021 is less than a week away (September 7-9, 2021), and this is your chance to get an…

Logo for Mendix World 2021 with the words "Mendix World Learn Something. Make Something. Change Everything.""

Learn from manufacturing peers at Mendix World 2021

Mendix World 2021 is happening soon – September 7-9, 2021. This annual (and this year, like last year, virtual) gathering…

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Our session picks for manufacturers at Mendix World 2021

We’re living in a digital world – and manufacturers are at the cutting edge of technology and digitalization. Mendix is…

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Low-code: The best “new” technology breakthrough

Digital transformation gaps Digital transformation is creating new value for manufacturers. The digital revolution, whether under the banner of Industry…

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Low-code agility for IoT profitability

Digital transformation creates opportunities Today’s digital revolution is creating new opportunities for industrial companies. New business strategies powered by digital…

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Filling digital transformation gaps with low-code applications

The road for manufacturers to fulfill digitalization is rugged, and there are many gaps to bridge. How can you fill…

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Low-code application development learning to go!

Download the three episodes of our low-code application development series and listen whenever you want!