Mendix and Teamcenter Bring Together Low-Code Development and PLM

By Layla Keiner

Why bring together Mendix low-code app development and Teamcenter product lifecycle management (PLM)? Ask any business domain leader about their desire to make their job easier by quickly whipping up an app to mash up data from different systems, without the need for pulling in IT resources. I bet you’ll get a lot of similar responses: “Yes, I need that — ASAP!”


Mendix offers quick, low-code app development for Teamcenter customers to easily create apps to meet their business needs, even those users who have limited technical expertise. The latest release of Teamcenter offers a consumer-friendly and business-focused OData API layer that sits on top of Teamcenter.

The OData schema generator is a low-code app that exposes Teamcenter data and services for app developers. In addition to the OData API layer, the Mendix Data Hub can be leveraged for quick and easy discovery of Teamcenter data and services. This is all about ease of use — drag and drop capability provided with Mendix Studio Pro lets users quickly find what they need in Teamcenter, enabling fast, low-code development of PLM based-apps.

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Watch the low-code development presentation

Learn more: Check out this presentation delivered by Tedie West, Teamcenter Product Manager, Siemens, and Andrej Koelewijn, Data Hub Product Manager, Mendix, that highlights low-code development with PLM in Teamcenter.

Screenshot of a presentation agenda.

Learn more about low-code development:

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