What do shipbuilders gain from integrated project planning?

By Claire Cole

Complexity has become a major theme for the marine industry in recent years. Shipbuilding projects are increasingly complex, as are the ships themselves. Spreadsheets and disconnected systems can’t effectively manage this new level of complexity. An integrated approach to project planning and execution can ensure bid accuracy and completeness while managing risks and costs.

The benefits of integrated project planning

Here are some of the many benefits shipbuilders can gain from implementing an integrated project planning and execution solution.

1.) Shorter lead time for issuing proposals

By storing all the program planning information in one place (e.g., a single source of truth), shipbuilders can use experience from past projects to inform new ones, expediting the process.

2.) Less margin variation due to cost overruns and penalties

Integrated bid and risk management connect risks and requirements from the very start of a project, helping to ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget.

3.) Increased bid rate

Because integrated project planning allows shipbuilders to track and store data from previous projects, they don’t have to reinvent the wheel with every new one. They can continuously improve their workflow to increase their bid rate.

4.) Limited scope creep

Integrating all management systems into a single project plan helps avoid the dreaded scope creep.

5.) Full transparency and visibility

With all project data centralized, stakeholders can see real-time project status and activities.

Ready to take back control of your shipbuilding projects?

While the marine industry has gotten more complex, the tools are available to help shipbuilders address that complexity and turn it into a competitive advantage. Implementing an integrated project planning and execution solution can set the course for a successful future.

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