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Technische Universität Darmstadt Dik

Using Multibody Simulation in AR

In this blog post Johannes Olbort M.Sc. and Prof. Dr.-Ing. R. Anderl will teach you how to transfer a Multibody Simulation from a Siemens NX CAD model to Augmented Reality using JT and Microsoft HoloLens….

2019 JT Open Technical Review Board Meeting

JT Open Program members can make plans now to attend the 2019 JT  Open Program Technical Review Board meeting in Aachen Germany. Ford will host this event October 16 th and 17 that their……

JT2Go mobile adds a cross section feature

Dynamic Cross Sectioning is now available in JT2Go on iOS and Android. Users are able to create cross sections of their displayed models that can be dynamically positioned in the defined plane. Once ……

2018 JT Open Program Technical Review Board Meeting

JT Open Program members met on November 14 th and 15 th at Fiat Chryslers Automobiles North American Headquarters in Auburn Hills MI for the 2018 Technical Review Board meeting. FCA g……

JT plus PDF Acrobat Reader Plugin available here

Download the Zip file to install the Reader plugin and read the full Install and User Guide documents
What can you do withJT plus PDF?

JT plus PDF provides authors of electronic document……

Take the JT2Go Mobile Platform Survey

Have you been using one of the JT2Go Mobile Apps? Take the JT2Go Mobile Platform Survey and let Siemens know how things are going. It’s just 10 questions and can be completed is a few minutes.

JT Unity Plugin for JT Open Program members

The JT Unity Plugin is a new tool for JT Open Program members. With the JT Unity plugin developers can dynamically load .jt files into a Unity game while the game is running. The ……

Videos on commonly used JT2Go features now available

Two new JT2Go videos are now available from YouTube. 
Search for “Using PMI with JT2Go” or “Using JT2Go Measurement” in YouTube
“Using PMI with JT2Go” shows how users can quickly na……

JT2Go Auto Update issue … Now Fixed!

The issue with auto update has been resolved, thank you for your patience. Users can now update their JT2Go versions through the auto update feature.