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Hyperautomation and the industrial Internet of Things

With so many manufacturers investing in the industrial IoT, hyperautomation has become quite a buzz word. Let’s take a look into its impact.

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Make your industrial IoT solution stand out with AI and ML

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) connects to your devices to gather data and generate solutions for your machines, including…

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OEMs and customers benefit from machine health monitoring

Machine health monitoring allows OEMs to provide excellent after sales service of their product and add value with exemplary customer service.

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Leading the industrial IoT with Siemens Xcelerator

We’re excited to announce that Insights Hub is now a part of the newly launched Siemens Xcelerator platform. Siemens Xcelerator…

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Intelligent energy management with Insights Hub

With an IIoT energy management solution, companies can save costs, benefit from tax reliefs and develop sustainable business models.

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Insights Hub and Industrial IoT – What’s new July 2022

Screenshot of the Insights Hub Monitor desktop showing the monitoring rules for assets, including notifications.

Artificial neuron in concept of artificial intelligence. Wall-shaped binary codes make transmission lines of pulses and/or information in an analogy to a microchip. Neural network and data transmission.

Tangent Works and Siemens partner on AI technologies

To help power the amazing artificial intelligence capabilities found in Insights Hub, Siemens turned to our partner Tangent Works.

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Industrial IoT solutions for nature restoration and climate change

Leveraging the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) as a solution to aid in climate change and create sustainable business models…

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Looking for an alternative? Discover Insights Hub industrial IoT

There are many things to consider as you search for a new IoT solution. Here’s what Siemens offers with Insights Hub.