Insights Hub Predict puts the AI in IoT

By Carly Cohen

Advanced IoT analytics are now at your fingertips

By connecting your machines to the industrial Internet of things (IoT), you can gain valuable information on asset health, production lines, overall equipment excellence and so much more. To take your system to the next level, you need the power to analyze and act on the data you’re collecting from your machines. That’s where artificial intelligence solutions come in. AI can be a powerful asset to the industrial IoT, so let’s take a deeper look on what it means to add an AI solution, and how it can help you take your data from a stagnant set of numbers to an actionable optimization plan.

Level up your data with AI IoT solutions

With AI capabilities added to your IoT infrastructure, you can leverage so many more solutions, expanding your service offerings and maintaining your machine health. A few examples of how AI can bring out the best in your IoT data include Machine Condition Monitoring, Production Yield Optimization, Product Quality Monitoring and Energy Optimization.

With AI data interpretation and forecasting, you can move from a scheduled maintenance model to a predictive maintenance solution. This ultimately means that you’ll have less downtime and more revenue. The ability to analyze and forecast data with AI also means you’ll save time – avoiding lengthy time-consuming calculations and freeing up compute power that would be otherwise involved in churning big numbers. AI is a huge time and money saver, and with a solution like Insights Hub Predict, it’s now easier than ever – and saves you brain power too.

Insights Hub Predict is an IoT game changer

Adding AI to your IoT solution can be hindered by road blocks and challenges, for example: heavy capital investment to train machine learning models, code and software maintenance, technical complexity and limited knowledge about AI, time-to-value solution constraints.

But with a solution like Insights Hub Predict, included in Insights Hub, the industrial IoT as a service solution from Siemens, you can address these challenges and start forecasting right away. With this solution, anyone on your team can leverage insights and create forecasts. You don’t even need to be a data scientist! Insights Hub Predict makes anyone a citizen data scientist with an easy-to-understand UI and simplified visuals, the calculations go on in the background so you can focus on the outcomes without grabbing a calculator.

Learn more about AI in the industrial IoT

This simple solution has a lot going on in the back end, and we sat down with the experts to learn all about the advanced computing mechanics. If you’re ready for a deeper dive into how to expand your IoT capabilities with an AI solution, tune in to our webinar “Putting the power of advanced IoT Analytics in your hands,” and learn how this might be the addition you need.

This webinar covers:

  • How does Insights Hub Predict work?
  • Key benefits introduction (forecasting and anomaly detection)
  • Concrete use cases
  • Demonstration

Want to get connected with the industrial IoT? Check out Insights Hub start for Free and begin your IoT journey. 

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