Two robot arms work on a bearing

Artificial intelligence (AI) comes to the factory floor

“Artificial intelligence” may still conjure images of fanciful, obscure, and even top-secret activities, but this technology has come of age…

Opcenter Execution Discrete in a factory

9 essential functions for your Manufacturing Execution Software (MES)

Manufacturing high-technology devices requires managing production complexity, maintaining and improving quality, reducing costs, and decreasing the time-to-market for new products….

Opcenter Execution Discrete in a factory

IT wants to update your Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM): Here are 4 reasons why

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Opcenter Execution Discrete in a factory

4 ways Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) improves production

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) software is capable of tackling the variety of challenges associated with different manufacturing activities, especially production….

Opcenter Execution Discrete in a factory

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) overcomes these 5 business challenges

The right Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) solution takes a holistic approach spanning the entire value chain. It’s not enough to…

Manufacturing Operations Management Software

What Manufacturing Operations Software has done for 4 of its users

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Data analytics in the manufacturing industry

The manufacturing industry is undergoing a digital transformation, and data analytics is playing an outsized role. Industry 4.0 smart manufacturing…