EE Journal: Neural Network Notions and Tools

By nileshthiagarajan

Excerpt from article: “Neural Network Notions and Tools

Tools and Blocks

So <deep breath> with all of that under our belts, let’s look at what Siemens EDA announced. There are two dimensions to their announcement. The first is tool-oriented, intended for hardware architectures being implemented in FPGAs or ASICs. It involves their Catapult tool for converting C/C++ into hardware. So you can take a C++ definition of your network and model and reduce it into hardware.

If you’re scratching your head over the fact that Siemens EDA is offering the Catapult tool again, um… yeah. If you haven’t been paying attention <looks guilty>, you might have missed the latest phase of this history. Siemens EDA originally developed Catapult, then sold it to Calypto (while working collaboratively with them), and then, more recently bought Calypto. So Catapult is back in the Siemens EDA fold again.

Read the entire article on EE Journal originally published on September 9th, 2019.

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