It’s time to digitalize your mining operations

By Justin Tuttle

Optimism is booming in the mining industry, with global energy transition increasing demand for minerals needed for renewable energy, electric vehicles and energy storage. To help support renewable energy growth while providing minerals for traditional industries like consumer goods, the mining industry must improve its operational efficiency, safety and sustainability.

As you’ll learn by reading our new executive brief, mining businesses can improve their operations using Siemens Digital Industries Software offerings that integrate physical and digital assets to form a connected digital mining enterprise. Throughout a mine’s entire lifecycle, our portfolio of cloud-based digital solutions enables comprehensive simulation and modeling of mining operations while fueling collaboration and data sharing across teams.  

Simulation is critical for the mining industry

Within the mining industry, simulation enables planning and operational teams to develop and use digital twins to support their operations. Whether it’s calculating expected yields or evaluating equipment performance during different loading scenarios, engineers gain valuable insights into potential scenarios along with countermeasures to prevent production downtimes. Because of these far-reaching benefits, adopting cutting-edge simulation tools is increasingly essential to the mining industry’s future.

Make data-driven mining decisions

Inside mineral processing plants, data silos limit information sharing and collaboration while reducing operational efficiency. Adopting a digital lifecycle approach allows technical and business information to be authored in their native systems. The output is connected to an information backbone that acts as a central nervous system for the plant lifecycle information. Data changes for a specific area become immediately known to the rest of the system, enabling data-driven decision-making and traceability while dramatically improving change management.

Begin your mining digitalization process with Siemens

The mining industry faces growing global demand for minerals while needing to improve worker safety and sustainability. With these challenges and opportunities, establishing a comprehensive digital twin of operations helps mining companies meet customer needs while supporting global energy transition. Contact Siemens today to start your mining digitalization process.

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