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Join Siemens at Arm DevSummit

By Rachel Mayhall

Siemens is once again proud to be exhibiting at Arm DevSummit, a completely virtual event that takes place live October 19-21. Arm DevSummit is unique in that the conference brings together both the IC designers who integrate Arm’s CPUs and libraries into ICs as well as the embedded software developers who program these ICs. This show is a great fit for Siemens, as we are unique to the industry in that we not only offer the EDA design tools for developing ICs but also offer embedded software solutions.

At this year’s Arm DevSummit, we invite you to watch three very compelling pre-recorded technical sessions. Join us live for our first, live “campfire event”. This is where you can ask our technical experts from Siemens EDA and Siemens’ Embedded Solutions groups questions.

We encourage you to register – for free – to Arm DevSummit, and then add the following sessions in the handy conference agenda provided by the good folks organizing the conference. 

Technical session: You are using a heterogeneous multicore SoC for your next design; now what?

You or your hardware team have selected to use a heterogeneous multicore SoC for your next project. How are you going to take full advantage of the different types of cores? Do you need to run different operating systems on different cores? Directly on the hardware or with a hypervisor? What about functional safety? This paper answers these questions and provide guidance and examples of the different approaches one could use to fully realize the potential of heterogeneous multicore SoCs.

Technical session: Automotive safety island – management of test, safety, and security data for ISO26262

As the functional safety and security content and complexity increases within automotive devices, the amount of control and monitoring required also increases. To address this requirement, the move to an embedded CPU and software-controlled implementation is becoming extremely popular. This implementation is commonly referred to as a “safety island” and this provides a scalable solution. This session explores the concepts around a typical safety island implementation along with examples.

Sponsored Session – Oct 19th at 10:00 AM PDT: Siemens Embedded and Mendix – A Recipe to Quickly Realize Feature Rich IoT Solutions

Siemens Embedded IoT Framework and the Mendix low code application development products enable device builders to bring feature-rich intelligent edge devices to market faster in a cost-effective and secure manner. The IoT Framework enables cloud connectivity and device services, whereas Mendix makes it easy to add mobile apps to an IoT offering. This session showcases how an IoT Framework enabled device connects to a Mendix app using a Bluetooth connection as well as accessing cloud data.

Live Campfire Session – Oct 20th at 12:30 AM PDT: Siemens Helping Arm Customers Engineer a Smarter Future Faster

Siemens is breaking down the barriers between embedded software, electronics, mechanical design engineering disciplines, and between design and manufacturing – to help design teams adapt a system of systems mindset and help enterprises evolve from systems to ecosystems companies. In this interactive panel discussion with luminaries from Siemens EDA and its parent, Siemens Digital Industries Software, we’ll discuss how we are helping Arm customers engineer a smarter future faster.

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