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Multiprocessor Blog Part 4 – Mixed-Safety Critical Systems

By jeffreyhancock

MPSoCs are ideal for mixed safety-critical systems such as medical or automotive.  For example,  one processing cluster handles general non-safety critical functions like a graphic display, while a separate processing cluster is handling safety-critical data such as a gateway passing safety data to the display, or camera images.

Recall from Part 3 of this blog series our discussion of multicore frameworks and how they manage interprocessor communication between heterogeneous or homogeneous processing clusters.

Multicore Framework Cert Add-on leverages hardware separation in a mixed safety-critical system to provide the necessary interprocessor communication between non-safety and safety domains.Through this separation, users can reduce the number of lines of application code that need to be safety certified, lowering the overall certification time and costs. In addition, designers can add a certified RTOS like Nucleus SafetyCert to futher reduce safety certification time and cost.

Embedded Multicore Framework Cert in a mixed-safety critical system

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