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A multicore webinar with a difference

By Colin Walls

We were pleased with the recent success of a webinar where we looked at an important aspect of multicore software design: the choice between using a hypervisor and a multicore framework. Part of the success of such events is the opportunity to interact with embedded developers in the Q&A session at the end. This inspired us to come up with an idea. We asked ourselves “How would it be if we had a webinar that was almost entirely a Q&A session?” This is not something we have tried before, so we thought that we would give it a go.

The webinar is on Wednesday 14 October and there will be 2 sessions with timing aimed at Europe and North America respectively. A recording of each will be available soon after the live sessions. There will be just a few minutes introduction, then straight into the Q&A, when I will be joined by my colleague Jeff Hancock. Here are the details:

Talking multicore – your questions answered

Multicore embedded systems are becoming very common. From the software perspective, such designs present many challenges. These include, but are not limited to: choosing the right software architecture, selecting operating systems, deciding on system management strategies, considering certification requirements, the list goes on …
In this session, after a brief introduction, the entire time will be devoted to answering questions about multicore

You can find more details and register to attend here. There will be the opportunity to pose questions live, but you are also very welcome to send them in advance either by commenting here or by email.

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