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IoT keynote, software support and more …

By Colin Walls

The Internet of Things – IoT – continues to be a subject that sparks conversation, publication and numerous activities in the world of embedded software. Recently, I was at ESC Boston and IoT featured widely in presentations there. At the same time, some colleagues of mine were at another dedicated IoT conference in California. Going forward, there are a lot more IoT things happening …

Last year, I was invited to give a keynote at a conference and talked about IoT – you can see full details here and even play a recording of my talk. Although it was not my intention, some people felt that I was playing down the significance of IoT. In fact, my view is the complete reverse. IMHO, IoT is the natural progression for embedded systems and the industry’s 40+ years of experience will be a good basis for the development of this technology.

This is strongly borne out by the recent announcement by Mentor Embedded highlighting the comprehensive support for IoT offered by Nucleus RTOS and the associated middleware and tools. In reality, a very large part of this support has been in place for a while, because Nucleus has always been ideal for hard real time and/or resource limited applications and has an enormous array of connectivity options.

This week I am attending another IoT conference in Munich, Germany. There is a strong focus on security in IoT and this will be the thrust of my keynote. Here are the details of my presentation:

IoT – It’s All About Security

The Internet of Things is a very broad topic – a range of technology nearly as wide as embedded systems as a whole. The common thread of IoT is that of ubiquitous, pervasive computing, where the devices are mostly invisible to the user, who just experiences the benefits. For this goal to be realized, developers of IoT devices need to be firmly focused on security. The user must be safe and feel safe from the possibility of system failure or hostile interference. This keynote looks at the software landscape in which the Internet of Things will flourish.

If you are going to attend this event, please stop by and say hello. Otherwise, if you would like a copy of my slides, please email or contact me via one of the social networking platforms below.

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