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Embedded software video blogging – are you interested?

By Colin Walls

When somebody asks about what I do for a job or what I enjoy doing [which can amount to much the same thing], I am likely to answer that I am a communicator. I enjoy writing and do lots of it. I enjoy speaking to an audience at a conference or whatever and I do a fair amount of that too. To date, this has all gone quite well for me. But maybe that will change …

There are aspects of “communicating” about which I am less enthusiastic. I do not really like my photograph being taken, but I bear it. I am not very keen on hearing a recording of my voice – I always sound like my Dad. Worst of all, I do not like seeing myself on video!

It seems, however, that we live in the “video age”. I am told this by younger people, so it must be true. Everyone [except me], it seems, spends countless hours viewing YouTube videos. It is time for me to jump on the band-wagon. The proposal is that I do some video blogging – to augment instead of replace my normal, textual outpourings.

So I have made a “pilot” video blog. In this case I am telling a story about how the RTOS business works. Take a look:

What do you think? Am I approaching it the right way? Will this format work well for more technical topics, or do I need to present slides as full-screen?

Please let me know by email, comment or via social networking. See you soon – or, rather, you might see me!

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