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Conference season

By Colin Walls

It is October, which is always the start of a busy time of year for me. Most people I know are preoccupied with returning to school or the change in weather heralding the approach of Winter, but I am contemplating all the conferences that I need to attend. It is the same every year. The world of embedded software goes quiet during the Summer, then everyone realizes that they have sales targets to make before the end of the year and go mad with every kind of marketing activity.

In the current two week period, I will be attending three conferences, making a total of six presentations …

I start at ECS [Embedded Conference Scandinavia] in Stockholm, where I will present:

  • “C++ for Embedded Applications – A Tutorial”
  • “Operating Systems for Embedded Applications”
  • “Embedded Software Development – The Third Way”

Then I go back to Sweden later to present a keynote at a Mentor Graphics Solution Expo event there:

  • “If software is eating the world who is picking up the tab for dinner?”

Lastly, I head down to France to SAME [Sophia Antipolis MicroElectronics forum], where I have two sessions:

  • “OS Selection for Embedded Systems”
  • “USB 3.0 – An Introduction for Embedded Software Developers”

If you would like a copy of any of these presentations, please request by comment or email.

Later in the month I have another event to go to in California, but I will talk about that nearer the time. By then, my planned vacation in November will be looking very attractive.

I was discussing my plans for the coming weeks with my daughter, commenting that in two weeks I would take a total of 10 airplane flights. Her response was: “Phew! Do they know you’re 54?” I had to smile.

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