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ARM Development Conference

By Colin Walls

Although readers in the US may think that it is a holiday today – and I hope you have a good one – it is just another regular Monday in Europe. Actually, as the Americans are celebrating getting rid of the Brits, maybe we should join in.

I am traveling today to an ARM Development Conference in Stuttgart, Germany, which I am sure will be an interesting event. I actually find it curious that there are so many CPU vendor specific conferences, which include software content. Most software, except that at the very lowest level is independent of the underlying hardware. The CPU architecture is of interest to OS and compiler developers and, to some extent to driver developers etc., but not really to application code software engineers. I would think that a conference focusing on a specific OS would make more sense. Or is there some other common factor? If you have feelings on this issue, do comment or email.

My two papers, that I present tomorrow, are titled “Interprocessor Communications and MCAPI” and “OS Selection for ARM-based Systems”. If you would like copies of my slides, please email.



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