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Scandinavian embedded

By Colin Walls

Last week, I attended the Embedded Conference Scandinavia in Stockholm. This event has been running for a few years now and I have been to it before. It seems to be gaining momentum. The show floor was well filled and there seemed to be a good flow of visitors. My colleagues, who were manning the booth, commented that they had had some good leads.

But I think that it is the technical conference sessions that really keep events like this on the map …

Technical conferences succeed or fail for a variety of reasons. The content of sessions needs to be planned carefully and I felt that some good vetting had been performed during the paper selection process. At this conference, there were multiple streams, each with a chairperson keeping things in order, which seemed to be consistently well attended. The location of the session rooms is important and, again, the organizers scored, as the rooms where all together, easy to find and close to the show floor.

I was presenting two technical sessions, both of which were well attended. The first was about dynamic memory in C and C++, which was similar to a Web seminar and white paper that I did a while ago. The second session was about multicore and MCAPI and also covered similar ground to a Web seminar. If you would like copies of either of these presentations, please email me. My colleague did a session on user interface technology, which similarly seemed popular.

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