Visually inspect 100% of the PCB components to detect defective or counterfeit parts

By Katie Tormala

Supply chain shortages and delays continue to force manufacturers to look outside their trusted supply network to find needed components – putting them at substantial risk. Spot checking used with existing traceability solutions doesn’t provide sufficient component-level protection. Organizations can mitigate electronic component supply risk using data visualization and artificial intelligence (AI) quality control to detect counterfeit and defective parts.

Detecting defective electronic components quickly and easily with visual data and AI

Component faults cause 8 out of 10 product failures, raising the risk of recalls. Manufacturers can use visual data and AI quality control to detect defective parts quickly and before distribution. Utilize images taken by surface mount (SMT) assembly machines and pair them with proprietary artificial intelligence (AI). This determines whether every component is authentic and in good condition in real-time. This surgical traceability of defective parts and counterfeit components allows manufacturers to minimize costly recalls.

Imagine having a complete record of manufactured components, discovering an issue with quality and identifying who was sent items from that lot with those damaged or defective parts. Counterfeit components are no longer an issue as AI quickly identifies and flags these components.

Improve product reliability and secure effective material sourcing for electronic components

Electronics manufacturers can improve product reliability and secure effective material sourcing. They can adopt visual inspection of 100% of the components on a PCB. AI can determine component authenticity and condition in real-time, verifying the material sourcing fit.

  • Utilize images from SMT assembly machines to verify components
  • Learn how to provide 100% traceability to your customers
  • Discover how to minimize costly recalls

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