Overcome design challenges with collaborative electronic systems design

By Katie Tormala

Break down silos with collaborative electronics systems design and management with instant access to vital design information – for everyone! Realize the benefits of a digital twin for collaborative mechanical and electronics co-design. Overcome design challenges to produce highly innovative and differentiated products with a creative and collaborative environment for design teams.

Why collaborative electronics systems design?

  • Holistic, integrated modeling environment with a flexible approach for each task
  • Collaborative mechanical and electronics co-design utilizing the digital twin of the system
  • Optimization for form-factor, quality and performance with rule-based Design for Manufacturing (DFM)

Benefits of collaborative electronics system design

Collaborative electronics systems design enables co-design of an electronics system, optimization of design data, and collaboration across a specialized and distributed engineering team. This results in reduced design cycles and improved product quality:

  • Scale seamlessly from single PCB to systems design, from individual to enterprise
  • Integrate and optimize entire digital processes from spec to manufacturing
  • Deploy advanced model-based systems engineering methodologies
  • Achieve higher productivity and efficiency regardless of product complexity
  • Leverage digital prototypes for higher performance and manufacturability

Explore the electronics system design free solution trial

Explore the benefits of digitalization with our Electronics Systems Design trial today – guided tutorials included.  In the trial, you’ll get hands-on experience to:

  • Use the interactive user interface to go from concept to model quickly
  • Leverage the parts library to see how it unlocks faster MCAD-ECAD collaboration
  • Optimize designs for form-factor, quality, performance and DFM
The new electronics systems design solution trial is now available – bridge silos and work from a common design point of view.

If you want to learn more about product design and engineering in electronics systems, head here to find more resources.

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