Accelerate complex chipmaking with single device tracking

By Alan Porter

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Chipmakers must get more quality product out of the door faster. But how?

The new normal which swept in with the pandemic changed the semiconductor industry. Booming demand and prolonged shortages put semiconductor production capacity at a premium. As a result, semiconductor manufacturers are feeling intense pressure to get more quality product out the door faster than ever. At the same time customer demand for detailed traceability data is greater than ever. Clearly, something has to give.

You need a high-performance approach to streamlining data and improving control!

With so many pressing demands, a single device tracking high-performance engine for your manufacturing execution system (MES) is essential – so semiconductor companies can meet customer traceability needs, comply with SEMI standards, and raise throughput to a whole new level. Since greater throughput is what every chipmaker needs today, you don’t want to miss this article!

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Alan Porter is Vice President, Electronics & Semiconductor Industry at Siemens Digital Industries Software. Alan is a 30-year veteran in the electronics and semiconductor space, having held executive engineering roles as well as directed strategy, planning and development at OEMs including Apple and Huawei.

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