After the Webinar Podcast – Next generation wireless is emerging – Do you have the right tools for RF design?

By Brent Klingforth

Wireless technology is not going away. In fact, it’s going to escalate to levels beyond our imaginations. Our next generation high-speed wireless, with data rates up to 100x faster than our current technology, will enable things like autonomous vehicles to become the norm. This technology will spawn a new generation of products that will change our lives just like the internet did back in the 90’s. As such, being a designer you are either upgrading your existing technology to 5G, researching and planning your next few projects, or will be researching next generation wireless within the coming years. If you’re in one of the 1st two stages, you should be using or need to look at upgrading your current engineering tool set to include design functionality that will make RF design less of a manual and possible error prone process.

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During our webinar “Next generation wireless is emerging – Do you have the right tools for RF design?” we showed some of these challenges and how PADS Professional provides technology to deal with next generation high-speed wireless schematic and PCB design.  During our 2 sessions EU and US – there were more questions asked than we could answer live..  The following PCB Tech Talk Podcast by John McMillan and myself Brent Klingforth provide answers to all the questions including those that were answered live.

Brief recap of what was talked about during the webinar

  • Part selection from PartQuest with drag and drop import
  • Integration between Designer schematic to ADS RF simulation tool
  • Collaboration with NX allowing for quick and accurate PCB outline creation
  • RF specific design rule creation
  • RF element placement
  • Integration and updates between Professional layout and ADS RF simulation tool
  • RF trace routing with specific rules
  • Via stitching for guard vias and plane area fill
  • 3D model collaboration to mechanical

To see how PADS Professional’s RF-centric PCB design capabilities can get you a competitive advantage in designing products with RF check out the other resources listed below.

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