Multi-trace Routing – A New Era in PCB Routing Acceleration

By John McMillan

High-speed multi-trace routing empowers PCB designers to reduce layout time, costly rework and time delays on complex PCB’s. With these capabilities you gain superb control of matched-lengths, differential pairs, and min/max length nets.

Major benefits:

  • Review and resolve hazards for topology and high-speed design rules.
  • Quickly define, tune, and review complex nets.
  • Conduct ‘what-if’ experiments with push-button sketch route and auto-tune capabilities.
  • Quickly match lengths of high-speed routes.
  • Consider electrical delay requirements when working with advanced topologies such as DDR

This fact sheet describes how advanced Multi-Trace High-Speed Design (HSD) PCB design capabilities empower you to reduce product design cycles and avoid costly design respins that empower getting products to market faster!

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