New Podcast – Year 2019 in Review and Looking Ahead to 2020

By John McMillan

Wow!  2020 is just around the corner. In this special year end podcast I reflect on technology not just over the past year but over the past decade. Although we may not be zipping around in flying cars like the Jetsons or blasting off to Mars for a weekend get-away we’ve come a long way.

Terms like artificial intelligence, augmented reality and internet of things are now part of our everyday vocabulary.  Smartphones can do so much that we figuratively can’t live without them and can literally “get lost” without them.

Companies are manufacturing electric cars and even self-driving cars. Some have transitioned from companies that we traditionally categorized as specifically automotive companies into technology companies. They are developing and driving innovation in areas like power consumption, sensors, electronic connectivity and more.

The future of electronics in everything is an exciting, challenging and competitive industry to be involved in. It’s pretty incredible how far electronics products have come in the past decade and I can only imagine what the next decade holds for electronics design.

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Wishing you and yours Happy Holidays and a prosperous New Year!


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