Whats New in Xpedition VX.2.6 – Layout

By John McMillan

In the previous What’s New in Xpedition VX.2.6  blog post I presented the new Data Management functionality that is available in Xpedition VX.2.6.  In this blog I’ll be presenting some of the key Layout highlights.

Diff Pair Routing – Differential pairs are now routed by centerline, enabling improved control and route quality particularly as they transition over a rule edge. Other use cases also have improved route quality, including glossing, and routing through a dense pin field. Click image below to watch video

Daughter Card Netlines – A daughter card can be imported into 3D layout, enabling a quick check of connector pin mapping. Click image below to watch video

Complex Via Support – Updates to complex vias are now greatly simplified, enabling modifications to be propogated to all instances or just selected ones. Complex vias can also now be used as RF transitions, with RF route meanders automatically snapped to via connection points. This is just part of major changes to RF editing for improved usability. Click image below to watch video

Shield and Stitch Sketch Paths – Sketch planning with shielding has been improved to enable routing with shielding and via stitching already in place. Click image below to watch video

If you’d like a preview of all the What’s New in Xpedition VX.2.6 videos, please feel free to check out the What’s New in Xpedition® VX.2.6 page. You can also take a quick 7 minute tour of Xpedition® Enterprise to get a great overview of all the functionality that Xpedition has to offer. Download the latest update from Support Center.

And, be sure to check back shortly for the next entry in this series: What’s New in Xpedition – Design Verification.

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