Import Eagle Designs into PADS Today!

By Jim Martens

Eagle™ design tools have been popular for simple designs and in the Maker community for years. This has created a huge eco-system of reference designs and other boards.

If you are an Eagle user who is looking for more power in your design tools, or a current PADS customer who wants to take advantage of an existing Eagle reference design, an Eagle-to-PADS translator is now available with PADS VX.2.4. Simply “import” the Eagle design and the libraries, schematics, and layout will all be translated into PADS!

Check out this video to see how easy it is:



2 thoughts about “Import Eagle Designs into PADS Today!
  • I’m going to Bump this thread. I really need to know how to convert Eagle schematics to PADS format. I’ve got the Eagle PCB to PADS PCB to work, but really need the schematics imported.

    The video referenced in this article is not linked anywhere I can find…?



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