Optimizing Engineering Team Efficiency in the Face of Increasing Product Complexity

Engineering team efficiency is inversely related to the complexity of the designed product and size of the team. With increasing complexity come workarounds, capacity limitations with tools and hardware, sub-optimized products, and extended design cycles. Best practices for team efficiency include concurrent collaboration and automation of manual processes and repetitive tasks.

Complexity is driven by schedules driven by time-to-market

At this year’s PCB Forums, we demonstrated how design teams can reduce design cycles and increase product quality through managed reuse of known-good data. If you missed out on attending one of this year’s PCB Forums, you’re in luck! This session is now available on demand.

The session reviews efficiency enablers, including flow-wide concurrency, layout abstraction and automation, and a multi-board design flow.

What You Will Learn

  • How to implement flow-wide concurrency
  • Best practices for multi-board systems design
  • Strategies for design planning
  • How to achieve correct-by-construction design

Click below to discover how to optimize engineering team efficiency in the face of increasing product complexity.


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