SERDES Channel Compliance: Easier Said than Done?

By Kanchan Vaidya

Data transfers can be done in two distinct ways, parallel (DDR2/3) and serial (PCIE/USB). As the speeds of data transfer increase, hardware engineers face newer design challenges. To keep up with the new speeds, designers must adhere to many well-established industry standards. But that is easier said than done… Until now.

With the latest release of HyperLynx, you don’t need a deep knowledge of SERDES protocols. The SERDES compliance wizard (3-min demo) checks multiple protocols for you and creates S-parameter models from the nets you include in simulation. It runs S-parameter metrics and protocol compliance checks for results that include eye density plots, optimized Tx and Rx settings, and other results in an interactive HTML spreadsheet format.

To learn more about SERDES channel design, check out this technical blog series or visit our website.

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