Flex Your PCB Design Muscle!

By Kanchan Vaidya

Although Rigid-Flex designs are considered cutting-edge technologies, they are used frequently in small- to medium-scale consumer electronics. With flex technology you can pack more functionality in small space. It’s cost efficient and more practical to use in variety of applications ranging from smart watches to aerospace.

While using rigid-flex technology undoubtedly has its benefits, this technology has traditionally been way out of the reach of most layout designers. But all that has changed now!

By adding rigid-flex to PADS Professional, you can create flex PCBs, route nets between different board outlines, add bend angles, and view the design taking shape in 3D as you create the layout in 2D. In 3D you can also catch clearance and stackup issues much faster.

Check out this webinar to get a jumpstart on your next flex design!

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