Detect Floating Metal Islands to Avoid EMI

By Kanchan Vaidya

Are you concerned with the accuracy and time spent in manual inspection of your board? Are EMI issues slipping into your board prototype even after you perform simulations? Do you get overwhelmed by design guidelines that are either too stringent or too rigid?

Creating reliable board designs can be a challenge. It’s difficult to collect all the necessary models and analyze results. Furthermore, some simulation tools can’t detect EMI issues without 3D simulations.

With HyperLynx DRC you can prevent EMI failures.

One of the common causes of EMI failure is a floating metal island which can act as an unwanted antenna and radiate energy; see Figure 1. To avoid radiation, such islands should either be completely eliminated or connected on both ends with a via. See Figure 2.

Without HyperLynx DRC, engineers must manually inspect the design, which is time-consuming and subjective, as each engineer has their own opinion of what is permissible. So why use inaccurate assessments when you can use the HyperLynx DRC Free Edition to get accurate results quickly and effortlessly?

Watch this two-minute video to see how you can detect metal islands with just a few mouse clicks. Simple parameters define the size limits of the metal island, irrespective of its shape. With fast run times, you can spend less time finding floating islands and more time eliminating them.

Harness the power of HyperLynx DRC and eliminate failures and re-spins in your design. What have you got to lose? It’s FREE!

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