Tackling Next-Generation PCB Designs

By mnopp

Tackle next-generation high-density analog, RF, and digital/mixed-signal designs with advanced tools for High-Speed and RF design. Take a look inside PADS Professional.

High-speed design

High-speed memory interfaces and other sensitive connections increase/escalate design complexity, leading to tighter and tighter constraints. PADS Professional Multi-Trace HSD Tuning offers high-speed design features and automation to reduce design time by quickly defining, tuning, and reviewing complex nets. With the Target Length Dialog box you can view constraint-dependent nets by selecting a single net. Sort and view the longest net of the bunch to strategize and plan your attack. Cross probe and select nets of interest for manual tuning or tune the entire bunch at once using auto-tune.

RF design

Essential to RF design success is having a tried-and-true method for laying down smart RF shapes. PADS Professional RF Design uses parameterized shapes that can be simulated using industry-standard RF design simulators. Don’t manually export/import Gerber for simulation. The built-in synchronization wizard directly translates your RF design into Agilent® ADS or National Instruments™ AWR, saving critical setup and process time. What that means for you is faster design iterations (by changing, checking results, and changing again), reduced development time, and a more-competitive product.

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