Now Available – Unlimited connections with Designer premium editions!

By John McMillan

New Designer premium editions with unlimited connections are now available on! Thats right!, our EDN 2014 “Hot 100” award winning Designer professional design tools, based on xDX Designer and PADS Layout for engineers are now offered in both 1500 and unlimited connection editions.Top100_Designer Designer products seamlessly integrate with PartQuest, a new component research engine tied directly to Digi-Key’s website of over 4 million parts. PartQuest allows engineers to parametrically search for parts to use in their designs. Over 350K Digi-Key parts have EDA data with them – the schematic symbol and PCB footprint, which will be downloaded directly into the Designer Schematic and Designer Layout libraries for immediate use to speed up design starts. PartQuest will also provide access to reference designs for download and use.

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One thought about “Now Available – Unlimited connections with Designer premium editions!
  • Hi,
    Back in March / April 2014 there was a big “PADs VX” release.

    From what I can tell the dates on the PADs distribution files are all 2013.

    I look at my PADs Help windows and I see PADs 9.5 from 2012.

    Is there any way to tell what version I have and if it is up to date to some later date?

    Bob Kondner

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