PADS VX Draws Crowds from Around the World

By Jim Martens

Mike Griesbach, the PADS Product Line Director, and I had the pleasure of traveling the globe conducting a worldwide seminar series on the PADS VX release. From Shenzhen to Boston, Los Angeles to Munich, the feedback has been terrific!

PADS VX Seminar – Shenzhen
PADS VX Seminar – Taipei










What I found the most interesting were the different things that attendees were interested in. In conversations I had with customers and prospects during breaks, or after the seminar, the discussions hit every new feature.   Many customers wanted to discuss the advancements made in xDxDesigner. One longtime customer made the comment “this in no way resembles Viewdraw anymore”! Others wanted to know more about the library work done in PADS VX, from the new Starter Library to the Central Library for storing and managing there libraries. These features got the attention of the engineering and CAD managers, as well as librarians in attendance. I also had some interesting conversation with attendees on the new spreadsheet based Constraint Manager. Those that had very highly constrained designs clearly saw the advantage of being able to create, modify, and view their constraints in a spreadsheet.

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