Developing Confidence in Your Analysis Tool – HyperLynx 9.0 Demonstration

By Julie Weber

Last week at DesignCon 2013, I provided an Analysis Anchored to Reality presentation of the highlighting and validating the new features of HyperLynx 9.0. Teledyne LeCroy, Molex, CCN, and Picosecond Pulse Labs partnered with us to provide measurement equipment, hardware to test, and a pattern generator for this demonstration. We started off with a correlation study so customers could see that the analysis results matched reality. This live analysis was performed in two steps.

First, I used HyperLynx 9.0 to create a virtual prototype of the multi-board system which included 2d and 3d models for the trace interconnect, via’s, and connector models. Using this virtual prototype of the passive channel I generated an s-parameter model for the entire channel.  We then correlated this passive channel model to the measured s-parameter model.  Next, I showed the time domain analysis in which we looked at the bath tub plots and the eye density plots to correlate it to the measured data.

Take a moment to watch my entire demonstration during an interview with
Mark Thompson on PCBDesign007.

-Chuck Ferry
Senior Product Marketing Manager

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