Introducing HyperLynx 9.0: Fastest time to accurate results

By dkohlmeier

Over the past 16 years I’ve had the pleasure of being part of the development of HyperLynx and am excited about the latest release, HyperLynx 9.0 as we are simultaneously celebrating its 25th birthday and 10th year with Mentor Graphics.

HyperLynx was founded in 1988 when cell phones were the size of a lunch box, FPGAs were just hitting the streets with a Xilinx 2064 touting 64 logic cells, VHDL and Verilog usage was basically zero and Intel was yet to announce the 486. Things have definitely changed since then and so has HyperLynx. Our first tool, LineSim for DOS, was developed during nights in a basement in Redmond, Washington by Steve Kaufer and Kellee Crisafulli who at the time worked at Data I/O.

Today, HyperLynx has grown to be a comprehensive product line of tools that includes advanced SERDES channel analysis, AC and DC Power Integrity, Full DDRx Signoff Verification, Electrical Design Rule Checking, and Full-Wave 3D Electromagnetics for model generation of discontinuities. HyperLynx has become the best solution for SI, PI, thermal, and 3D EM simulation and analysis widely used by electrical engineers and PCB layout designers around the world. As our customers push the performance of interconnects, this need requires more accurate results much sooner in the process.

HyperLynx 9.0 is one of the fastest releases to date with more than 50 new and improved features on advance 3D channel and trace modeling, improved DDR sign-off verification and accelerated simulation performance up to five times faster, here’s why:

  • The Fastest Simulator in the Industry
  • State-of-the-Art 3D Planar Trace Extraction Technology
    • For accurate modeling of signal path discontinuities
  • Extensive Results Reporting
    • So you can understand your exact timing margins
  • Batch Extraction of S Parameters
    • For performing multiple channel simulations
  • DDR3L/U Support
    • Mentor provides the latest device support
  • DDR Wizard Enhancements
    • Give you more measurements for more accurate simulations

These key benefits with HyperLynx 9.0 will increase accuracy in your simulations for faster time-to-market, fewer spins, and higher quality results. By getting the right PCB analysis technology, you will be able to deliver faster, higher-bandwidth-interconnect products your customers demand. For 25 years, the Mentor Graphics HyperLynx team has proven they can deliver the technology when you need it! The new release will ship in March 2013 and will be interfaced with all major PCB layout tools including Mentor’s Expedition Enterprise, Board Station, PADS, Cadence Allegro and Zuken CR. For more information about HyperLynx 9.0, visit and be sure to take a moment to watch the anniversary video on the HyperLynx YouTube channel.

-Dave Kohlmeier
Senior Product Line Director, PCB Analysis Products


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