With A Little Help From My Friends

By Jim Martens

If you have been listening to your radio the past month, you’ve probably noticed the Beatles “overload” thanks to their digitally re-mastered release of all their recordings. I’m not complaining – I’m a big fan. They have lots of messages in their songs. I even recall how I got my first (and few!) A’s in college by doing a paper on “The Fool on the Hill,” dissecting the message…

The message in “With a Little Help From My Friends” is more obvious – we all need help from our friends. In our workplace, we rely on it – I know I can’t get my job done without the help of my co-workers.

We at Mentor are making it easier for you to get “help from your friends” with our Community website. This is a social/professional online forum for design professionals to go and get this help: ask questions, research design issues, etc. These questions can be general design related, or tool specific, and there are plenty of individual communities and threads to find what you are looking for.

Check out Mentor Graphics Community – you have more “friends” here than you may realize!


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