Design Reviews in a Virtual World

By Jim Martens

I was re-collecting with a colleague of my days back in design, and the design reviews we had. I can still picture the conference room, with the EE, PCB designer, QA, manufacturing engineering, sometimes a rep from purchasing, and assorting others who had an interest in the project. We’d all be staring down at the schematic, pen plots, BOM’s etc. This was possible because we were all under the same roof.

What about today in a virtual world, where many of these job functions will be scattered in multiple facilities around the globe? How can you be sure all parties are looking at the same data? How do you communicate your concerns, or what the change needs to be? How can you truly collaborate during a review cycle?

There is hope, and an answer! Check out the webinar “Better, Faster, Smarter, Design Collaboration with PADS” to see how you can improve your design review process, and communication within our organization, whether you are all in one location, or scattered around the globe!


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