“Desktop” versus “Enterprise”. Which is for you?

By Jim Martens

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you part of a large electronics company with your design team spread all over the world? 
  • Do you have a huge corporate library and data management infrastructure? 
  • Are you a specialist in only one area of the PCB design process and depend on the rest of a large team to fill the others? 
  • Or, are you responsible for the entire process of developing the most competitive product and getting it to market quickly? 

If the later is true, then you understand that PCB design solutions are not one size fits all.  There is a difference between an “enterprise” solution and an “individual desktop” solution.  They both have to have capabilities that enable the designer to implement the fastest IC and FPGA components on the latest PCB fabrication technologies.  They both have to provide a productive environment such that the software is working with you instead of against you.  They both have to be scaleable so that as the design challenges increase, you are not stuck in a rut and can easily add additional capabilities.  They both have to be flexible so that if your technologies or target manufacturer changes, you can still get you product produced. 

But an “enterprise” solution may be overkill for you and your company’s needs.  If the answer to the first 3 questions above is “no”, then a desktop solution like PADS may be the perfect answer for you and your organization’s needs.  We are presenting a webinar that introduces you to PADS as well as subsequent webinars that describe some of the newest enhancements.  Maybe you should take a look. 

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