You Are Special!!!!!

By Jim Martens

No, this is not from an episode of Barney the Dinosaur.

There is a question being posited to the PCB designer community – “what makes you so special?”. The question implies that you are not very special – there are millions like you, especially in China and India where engineering graduates are entering the workforce exponentially every year. I am not quite sure what this question is trying to get at – is it that you are not special? You can be replaced? That your knowledge is a commodity?

Well let me say – YOU ARE SPECIAL. And I will tell you why you are special….

In a single day you can design anything, from a simple board to a complex, multi-layer board.

You can reduce project design times by 80% with the right tools

You can simulate your designs to make sure they function right every time

You know how to transition your designs to manufacturing and compress the NPI cycle

In short, YOU ARE SPECIAL because you live in the real world, where there are real world pressures with real world concerns. You are not sitting in an ivory tower but you are using your experience and knowledge developed over years to get products out the door and projects completed on-time and on-budget. You know how to leverage your knowledge and how to distribute that knowledge through your network and supply chain.

You also know that knowledge transfer and best practice sharing come with the use of a common language. For the PADS 9.0 launch we interviewed a number of customers who are like you – dealing with challenges and using their knowledge and PADS software to address these challenges. Look here to see what these customers have said.

But I want to hear from you – what makes you special? Tell me about your challenges, your drivers, what’s demanding your time?

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