Embedded software development tools accelerate virtual verification and deployment of ECU software

By Sarah Bartash

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Since its inception over 20 years ago, AUTOSAR has established itself as the foundation for electronic control unit (ECU) design and development. From an engineer’s perspective, whether integrating the latest AUTOSAR release, or developing a new ECU extract from the OEM, the AUTOSAR enabled ECU design process must be as streamlined as possible – and support increased levels of functionality as ECU complexity grows.

As electronic control unit (ECU) development becomes more distributed and complex, it will require a solution that drives a full embedded software flow through to ECU software. Capital is a data-centric solution that provides high automation, data coherency, and integration with adjacent domains, such as mechanical design. It enables a software architecture-driven flow leveraging software ‘contracts’ to ensure network design is integrated into the development process and accelerates AUTOSAR-based virtual verification and ECU software deployment.

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The Siemens’ AUTOSAR solution is at the forefront of addressing these challenges. Capital Embedded AR Classic is Siemens’ implementation of the AUTOSAR standard and is a complete offering with tools and software platform to meet all ECU platform needs. Unique to Siemens’ AUTOSAR solution is support from a single Capital Embedded AR tool that covers the entire AUTOSAR development cycle. Capital’s AUTOSAR tools provide a round-trip solution from ECU extract updates and upgrades to configuring the software platform.

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