Optimize your automotive platform electrical systems with a model-based design approach

Rear view of luxury car illustrating Model-based design approach

Bringing all platform electrical content together in a predictable, efficient, and profitable way is a key challenge in transitioning to a modern, model-based design environment. Explore how to connect requirements and SysML models with the downstream E/E engineering domains in this live webinar.

Discover how model-based electrical design and integration will help you to:

  • Optimize implementation alternatives
  • Increase productivity
  • Deploy ‘correct-by-construction’ practices
  • Automate consistent verification

Improve vehicle performance, safety, and reliability with lower E/E systems costs

Electrical systems designers and engineers can achieve unprecedented productivity and first-time quality by using a robust, repeatable methodology that enables re-use, architecture deployment, optimization, and generation of digital engineering assets for software, hardware, network, and electrical domains. By transforming multi-domain system models into domain-specific E/E design proposals, automotive businesses can gain control to minimize the risk of poor designs and the power to reduce the lengthy, costly development cycles.

Watch the Webinar→ Model-based design approach to automotive platform electrical systems integration

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This article first appeared on the Siemens Digital Industries Software blog at https://blogs.sw.siemens.com/ee-systems/2022/06/14/optimize-your-automotive-platform-electrical-systems-with-a-model-based-design-approach/