The hidden value of aerospace technical documentation

Aerospace documentation and diagnostics can be your unsung hero in improving your bottom line. By providing comprehensive electrical information you can reduce the ground time of the aircraft. By prioritized diagnosis procedures, you could increase time the aircraft can be utilized to generate revenue. 

In this webinar, discover the impact technical information has on maintenance efficiency increasing ‘Right First Time’ repair processing. We’ll demonstrate how to:

  • Create logical, meaningful, linked data to provide information only for the tail number you are working on. This removes the manual and mental task of searching for the correct applicable data in the heat of the moment.
  • Use a robust and repeatable methodology that enables re-use of engineering data within Capital Publisher to produce rich, cross-linked technical service content tailored to your brand/corporate identity delivered by your customers and repair/maintenance colleges fit for purpose.

When you transform your service/maintenance output you gain the control to minimize risk and take a step closer to maintenance efficiency.

Watch the Webinar→ Reducing aircraft operating costs through documentation and diagnostic

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