Siemens Digital Industries Software confirms AUTOSAR Premium Partner status

By Henrik Olsen

Siemens Digital Industries Software, through the legal entity of Siemens Industry Software Inc., has joined the AUTOSAR partnership as a Premium Partner. We continue the legacy of contributions and product development of Mentor Graphics, and now, as Siemens Digital Industries Software, will continue our investment in the standard. AUTOSAR is the go-to standard to enable the digital thread for development of automotive embedded software and a key technology enabler for generative software development.

With the acquisition of Mentor Graphics, Siemens Digital Industries Software also acquired a major engagement in AUTOSAR. Through the acquisition of Volcano in 2005, Mentor Graphics was a Premium Partner of AUTOSAR from 2004 and contributed ongoingly to the development of the standard. The development and successful deployment of the Capital VSTAR product family enables Siemens to be a continued strong advocate for AUTOSAR and an enthusiastic promoter of the growing standard.

The Capital VSTAR product consists of the desktop integration tool Capital VSTAR Integrator, a comprehensive basic software stack and the digital twin capabilities for virtual validation in Capital VSTAR Virtualizer. The components are all developed to support the AUTOSAR standard and customers around the globe have praised Capital VSTAR for its close adherence to it. A benefit of close adherence to AUTOSAR is that it greatly simplifies integration with applications and drivers into the final ECU software implementation.

AUTOSAR also describes the exchange format between system design tools and integration tools. Siemens have adopted the exchange format to be the go-to-model for tools interfacing in the AUTOSAR enabled eco-system of model based system engineering (MBSE) as well as for specific solutions. These tools, such as Capital Networks and Capital Software Designer helps the system designer to produce network, system and application descriptions to enable the vehicle system integration with minimal disruption.

The future is bright for the AUTOSAR partnership and Siemens Digital Industries is pleased to be a part of it!

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