E/E Systems Article Roundup

Black and gray luxury car chases airplane down stripped runway into the yellow and orange sunset. This relates to E/E Systems Development and Electrical Systems with Capital by encapsulating both the Aerospace and Automotive industry into one image as well as how we are continually moving forward with solutions for our customers.

Please enjoy these highly requested articles on Capital E/E systems development and electrical systems.

1.How MBSE Enables Advanced E/E Architecture Design

Publication: Tech Design Forum – October 1st

Description: OEMs in the automotive and aerospace industries are facing everyday challenges to increase connectivity and autonomy, making model-based systems engineering a crucial next step in methodology to keep up with the ever changing markets. This article breaks down how MBSE enables advanced E/E architecture design and highlights how to enhance MBSE for E/E architecture design as well as how MBSE supports future E/E architectures.

2. Capital Expansion Addresses E/E Systems Complexity (Commentary)

Publication: CIM Data – October 14th

Description: In this analyst report CIM Data unveils Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Capital expansion and the different capabilities available with the bringing together of electrical systems and embedded software. Discover how Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) now has streamlined access to wiring, embedded software, and electronic details with the use of Capital.

3. How End-To-End Solutions Support Tomorrow’s Automotive Electrical Systems

Publication: Semiconductor Engineering – November 5th  

Description: In a time where the automotive industry is facing many disruptions and continually changing we see the complexities of autonomy and electrification driving significant changes to vehicle E/E architectures. In this article take a deeper dive into the global trends impacting E/E architectures, the digital twin of electrical systems, and how to confront the challenges of tomorrow with the digital twin.

4. An Advanced Approach for E/E Systems Development

Publication: Siemens Blog – December 3rd

Description: Part one of three guest posts by Chad Jackson, Chief Analyst and CEO of Lifecycle Insights – this article breaks down key components in E/E systems development with progressive approaches from beginning to end.

5. A New Method For Electrical Systems Design

Publication: Semiconductor Engineering – December 4th

Description: Electrical system complexity is at an all-time high containing thousands of components and miles of wiring across all industries. Discover the new method for electrical system design and how implementing the model-based approach within an advanced electrical systems engineering solution allows manufacturers to leverage generative design to rapidly create and assess designs.

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