E/E Systems Article Roundup

By Emily Hooper

Please enjoy these highly requested articles on Capital E/E systems development and electrical systems.

1.How MBSE Enables Advanced E/E Architecture Design

Publication: Tech Design Forum – October 1st

Description: OEMs in the automotive and aerospace industries are facing everyday challenges to increase connectivity and autonomy, making model-based systems engineering a crucial next step in methodology to keep up with the ever changing markets. This article breaks down how MBSE enables advanced E/E architecture design and highlights how to enhance MBSE for E/E architecture design as well as how MBSE supports future E/E architectures.

2. Capital Expansion Addresses E/E Systems Complexity (Commentary)

Publication: CIM Data – October 14th

Description: In this analyst report CIM Data unveils Siemens Digital Industries Software’s Capital expansion and the different capabilities available with the bringing together of electrical systems and embedded software. Discover how Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE) now has streamlined access to wiring, embedded software, and electronic details with the use of Capital.

3. How End-To-End Solutions Support Tomorrow’s Automotive Electrical Systems

Publication: Semiconductor Engineering – November 5th  

Description: In a time where the automotive industry is facing many disruptions and continually changing we see the complexities of autonomy and electrification driving significant changes to vehicle E/E architectures. In this article take a deeper dive into the global trends impacting E/E architectures, the digital twin of electrical systems, and how to confront the challenges of tomorrow with the digital twin.

4. An Advanced Approach for E/E Systems Development

Publication: Siemens Blog – December 3rd

Description: Part one of three guest posts by Chad Jackson, Chief Analyst and CEO of Lifecycle Insights – this article breaks down key components in E/E systems development with progressive approaches from beginning to end.

5. A New Method For Electrical Systems Design

Publication: Semiconductor Engineering – December 4th

Description: Electrical system complexity is at an all-time high containing thousands of components and miles of wiring across all industries. Discover the new method for electrical system design and how implementing the model-based approach within an advanced electrical systems engineering solution allows manufacturers to leverage generative design to rapidly create and assess designs.

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