Webinar: Food processing and packaging at Tetra Pak: CFD Simulation Software applications & examples

By Lorraine Abazeri

Processing and packing liquid food products involve several disciplines of physics—fluid, thermal, electro-mechanical. This is precisely why the simulation models developed by Tetra Pak engineers must often combine multiple physics models simultaneously on multiple scales in time and space. By combining leading-edge simulation tools with highly skilled support engineers who know how to apply the tools to their limits, Tetra Pak has turned the complexity into a competitive advantage, with gains in fundamental understanding leading to innovative processes and products.

In collaboration with Siemens Digital Industries Software, Tetra Pak has developed sophisticated models of their processing and packaging systems—models that they use for optimization, validation, and control. In this webinar, Senior Technology Expert at Tetra Pak Ulf Lindblad will present several examples illustrating Tetra Pak’s use of simulation throughout their end-to-end processes –from processing of raw milk, packaging material, filling machines and package performance.

This webinar will provide examples of Tetra Pak’s use of simulation to drive food safety and availability, such as:

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) simulations to assess package performance (minimization of “gulping”)
  • CFD simulations to model and control package-filling processes involving fluids with complex rheology (splashing, foaming, after-dripping)
  • CFD simulations to optimize the tank-filling sequence for products with high viscosity
  • CFD simulations to understand hot water coverage in a stack of packages
  • System simulation of the filling system for a tube-filled filling machine

In addition, you’ll learn about the growing portfolio of Siemens simulation capabilities dedicated to the food and beverage industry.

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