Introducing Analog Mixed-Signal Verification blog series

By Sathishkumar Balasubramanian

Cars Driving Chips or Chips Driving Cars‘ – an interesting keynote title at this year’s upcoming ISQED conference by Ravi Subramanian – GM, IC verification business unit at Siemens EDA. This talk focuses on the explosive growth of semiconductor components in today’s automobiles. Computerization of vehicles has transformed today’s automobiles to computers on wheels. This sudden increase in electronic components demand has led to the global chip shortage we have been reading & hearing about. Siemens EDA’s mission is to help our customers to speed up the semiconductor chip design and verification cycle to meet this increased demand. As part of this initiative, I am excited to announce the launch of Analog Mixed-Signal verification blog series.

COVID 19 has accelerated several trends such as work from anywhere, online ordering/commerce have become ubiquitous for most of us. We are experiencing real-time our world rapidly moving towards digitization across all walks of life at a blazing pace.

For most of us, digitization refers to having apps on the phone or online gaming which get a lot of visibility and credit. The other critical piece of the puzzle is the hardware or the semiconductor ICs (commonly referred to as Chips). Semiconductor ICs needs to work in tandem with software stack to provide the necessary horsepower for digital experience to happen. A great example is our 4G/5G phone that we take for granted has several chips such as processor, graphic controllers, touch sensors and much more. The phone also needs a cellular network, that is powered by state-of-the-art communication chips to provide connectivity. Another key fact is, more than eighty percent of these chips have mixed-signal components which enable the interaction between the physical analog world with the digital processing world.

To design these semiconductor chips & systems, we do need software which can simulate and verify their behaviors. Siemens EDA provides the best in class System to IC software platforms to design and verify the semiconductor chips and systems. Since the acquisition of Berkeley Design Automation and later Mentor Graphics, Siemens EDA has built a strong portfolio of Analog and Mixed Signal Verification tools.

Our newly launched, Analog Mixed-Signal Verification blog series will feature verification product experts to talk about new verification methodologies, products and general trends that will be very helpful for our Analog Mixed-signal design community. We invite you to check this space regularly to learn about our product white papers, case-studies and webinars.

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